Kanye West Spoke Out Against Microtransactions In Games

Many gamers do not like these microtransactions in games. These transactions are basically made to purchase silly game costumes, skins etc. This can also be in the form of Downloadable Content (DLC). Recently, a well known star, Kanye West spoke out against these microtransactions and why he hates them.

Kanye West tweeted :

“We give the iPad to our child and every 5 minutes there’s a new purchase!!!…If a game is made for a 2 year old, just allow them to have fun and give the parents a break for Christ’s sake.”

For the first time, we agree to Kanye West. Most of these titles are AAA, which comes at full price. Gamers seriously gets annoyed of paying for some small contents again and again which sums up to a huge amount later on. Like Mr.West said, parents get notification of purchase every few minutes.  These little kids of course do not know the value of money, it is the father who ends up paying bills.

These downloadable content (DLC) has now become a trend and  is spreading way more fast than it did in the 2000’s. We hope that developers realise this and stop robbing their customers (especially kids who do not even know the meaning of DLC).

A picture below shows the exact struggle of gamers these days.



  1. When you agree with KANYE WEST, you know something is screwy.

  2. Legit complaint except for the KIM K HOLLYWOOD GAME. LOL.

  3. Parental settings! Geesh people. And like you can’t afford it kanye

  4. Those Disney games are the worst! My daughter has racked up so many charges of buying special elsa and cinderella dresses.

  5. LOL at that image. True 🙂 XD

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