HTC Bringing Vive ‘Arcade’ Like ‘Pay To Play’ To Chinese Internet Cafes?

During a recent event almost a week ago, in Beijing, China, HTC formally debuted the Vive VR headset to Chinese developers. The event was filled with talks and speeches from major participants in the Vive project like developers and speakers from HTC. One of the more interesting announcements was a partnership between HTC and a Chinese internet cafe software provider known as Shunwang Technology, together they plan on introducing an arcade like Vive experience at select Internet Cafes.

According to reports, they are charging anywhere from $2 to $5 for a 10 minute play time with the headset. The Chinese company aforementioned provides software for about 100,000 Internet Cafes, totalling to about 70% of the market and more than a whopping 100 million customers. As already mentioned, it is currently unknown how many of these 100,00 cafes will be participating in this partnership.

By the looks of it, what better way to introduce your product to the masses than giving cheap hands on time to users who already dedicate their time and money into gaming. If Valve and HTC pull this off correctly, then the Vive has a much better chance of beating the Oculus Rift.

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