Star Wars: Battlefront Hit Stores Today, Many Reviewed And Liked It

The latest installment in the Star Wars game franchise is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. There is only multiplayer available on the last gen consoles as EA thought to give their best shot on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, single player campaign is available on PC and next gen consoles.

Star Wars fans got to play the game early in October via Beta access which gave them a chance to understand the upcoming game and enjoy playing it so that they would know on the time of release that those $60 they will be paying for the game will not be a loss or waste. Along with this, the players who played the Beta version will be able to continue from where they left and their progress will not be lost.

Today, the whole game released and tens and thousands of Players bought it and are currently enjoying the game.

Also, big websites like GameSpot, Polygon and GamesRadar reviewed the game and gave their points to it.

Gamespot – 7/10
Giantbomb – 3/5
Polygon – 8/10
Gamesradar – 4/5
Destructoid – 6/10
Videogamer – 7/10
Gametrailers – 8.1/10
HardcoreGamer – 3/5

Facebook and Youtube game star, Typical Gamer also posted some of his game-play footage online which seems to be pretty cool.


Courtesy of EA Star Wars Battlefront
Courtesy of EA Star Wars Battlefront


  1. I thought it was great!

  2. it was not perfct, but pretty darn close.

  3. Wow these screen shots and videos look incredible.

  4. I’m an old school fan and I love star wars. Loved the game, keep them coming.

  5. The visuals are stunning but I wanted a bit more from the storytelling and game play.

  6. they could’ve done more beta testing

  7. Gamespot was a little stingy with the stars. My friends and I got an early look and loved it.

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