Microsoft Hololens’ Stunning Project-X Ray Game Demo

Microsoft announced a new experimental game  for Hololens called Project – X Ray on Tuesday at Microsoft Windows 10’s conference. The demo game is now in action and is being tested with the Hololens. The hololens demo is way beyond of what we expected. The player can shoot aliens, dodge their bullets or defend himself using a shield. And all of this is happening in a simple living room because of Holograms. The holograms will follow the player movements. Your living room will be different from the one that is shown in the video, but as said by the developer at Microsoft,

“Holograms behave just like real objects, They can interact with the environment and each other.”

Hololens is a mixed-reality headset instead of just being a VR. Imagine playing TitanFall or Call Of Duty with Microsoft Hololens.

Microsoft is now accepting applications for the Developer Edition of Hololens and the buyers can get their Hololens in January 2016 for $3000.

Watch the Project-X Ray game demo.


  1. The demo has me wondering how it will really work day-to-day? Won’t you get sick from wearing that headset over and over? I don’t know. I’ll wait.

  2. What games will this be for?

  3. Michael Gold

    I’m excited for this, though hestitant, because I’ve seen the Nintendo Holoboy (LOL) and others go by the wayside.

  4. Love the concept, hate the name.

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