FTL: Faster Than Light Version 1.5.10 +27 Trainer

This is a very helpful +27 trainer for real time strategy game FTL: Faster Than Light. Trainer is released by LinGon, for 1.5.10 version of this game. Players get to use whole bunch of cool in-game cheats like: set scrap to 10.000, lock shields, infinite hacking, crew god mode, no rebel fleet, and other.



Trainer features:

Set Scrap to 10.000
Set Drone to 999
Set Missile to 999
Set Fuel to 999
Set Power to 50
Infinite Hull
Lock Shields
Crew God Mode
Max Crew Skills
Weapon Instant Reload
Instant FTL Charge
No Rebel Fleet
Unlimited Augmentation Slots
Set Weapon Power to 15


Infinite FTL Charge
Infintie Hull
Infinite Oxygen
Infinite Stealth
Infinite Hacking
Infinite Mind Control
Instant Teleporter Cooldown
Crew God Mode
No Rebel Fleet
Unlimited Augmentation Slots
Instant Weapon Reload
Lock Shield to Max
Lock Zolton Shield to Max


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