List of Problems in Tom Clancy’s The Division: Conflict and Details about Paid Expansions


Tom Clancy’s The Division, Update 1.2 added a significant amount of new content. The Division Update 1.2, which is also known as Conflict, also added a slew of problems in the update. This is not the first time users have discovered issues. It seems that the Division is in fact plagued with problems. Conflict, which added a new incursion, added a whole new layer of problems for Ubisoft to fix. The publisher has now released a first list of ten issues it is aware of that were introduced with Conflict.

The bugs are exploits and players won’t be banned if they run into any of the problem. Ubisoft categorized the bugs according to how they impact the game during play.

This is Ubisoft’s first list of known issues in Tom Clancy’s The Division, Update 1.2:

High Value Targets Farming (Gameplay)
Electronics store teleport (Gameplay)
Daily High Value Targets reset (Gameplay)
No Critical Search & Destroy (Gameplay)
Double UI Overlay (Interface)
Graphics distortion (Technical)
Mark as Junk not working (User Interface)
Items DZ rank requirement change (User Interface)
One is None (Gameplay)
DZ06 teleport (Gameplay)

Other Issues with the Game

Ubisoft will undoubtedly have to add additional problems once they are found. Ubisoft and Ubisoft Massive are currently overhauling the game to find other issues. Players have complained about Daily Challenges not resetting to something new, lagging performance in the Dark Zone and falling through the map, among many other pesky bugs in gameplay. Unfortunately, neither Ubisoft or Ubisoft Massive have released any kind of timeframe for when players should expect to see more fixes to the game.




The first big expansion, Underground, is a paid release that comes out in June. The expansion will have players and teams heading down into the subway systems, where bad guys are hiding out in order to regroup. According to the trailer, the narrator warns “how deep will your team go?” The ominous statement may indicate the deeper the level, the bigger the challenge.


The second paid expansion will be later in the summer. Few details are known about Survival, other than the game promises to have you gathering resources, with “the temptation to go rogue” on the players’ minds.

Last Stand

Last Stand is the final expansion set for release in 2016. It should be out in November or December. The video trailer suggests players will face a “relentless foe” and also have the task of recruiting additional agents.

Season Pass

A season pass of $40 gets you three expansions and the exclusive content made by Ubisoft, like sawed off shotguns, outfits, content drops and more. There will also be free updates available, which will also be spread out over the course of the year. The free updates are scheduled to include items like gear sets, Dark Zone Features events, loot trading, a challenge mode, daily and weekly assignments and many new weapons.



  2. Ubisoft is a hot mess what else is new

  3. The trailers for the expansions look cool. But I may wait until they issue more fixes.

  4. I like the game. It is a bit frustrating that the update made it more buggy. I wish they could get their shit together.

  5. thanks of rthe list

  6. $40 is a pretty good deal for this game. I love it and the previews are sweet. I don’t know what you all are talking about Ubisoft usually irons out problems fast.

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