League of Legends Patch 6.8 Arrives

It’s been a week of patch updates. First we had the mega patch for Fallout 4, and now we have the arrival of patch 6.8 for League of Legends. The patch is addressing everything that the developers think needs to be fixed or fine tuned for the game.


Here’s what you can expect with the patch.

Clubs: The crash issue with high-membership clubs has been fixed.

Minion AI: The first wave of minions has been altered to no longer focus-fire a single enemy melee minion.

Jungle AI: Monsters will no longer reset when aggroing a monster

Ekko’s passive on-hit damage has been reduced to 3% of the target’s missing health, and the passive on-hit ratio is now at 1% per 33 ability power

Parallel Convergence now deals a minimum of 15 damage to minions and monsters

E Phase Dive has been reduced to 40/65/90/115/140

All of the characters in League of Legends have received some sort of update.

The cooldown now begins upon the cast instead of when the buff expries, and while Strut is on cooldown, applying the LoveTap gives a reduction of the remaining cooldown by 2 seconds.

The Iceborn Gauntlet has been tweaked as well, with 100% base attack damage instead of 125% base attack damage.

Here are the bug fixes for the game that will come with patch 6.8.

  • The burn auras for Enchantment – Cinderhulk and Sunfire Cape no longer stack
  • Zed no longer gains 20 extra attack damage when activating W – Living Shadow
  • Karthus’s W – Wall of Pain properly grants vision again
  • Fixed a bug where Karthus’s abilities sometimes failed to apply the slow from Rylai’s Crystal Scepter during Passive – Death Defied
  • Ekko’s Q – Timewinder on-hit sound effects when returning have been restored
  • Chilling Smite properly dismounts Quinn during R – Behind Enemy Lines
  • Fixed a bug where Renekton’s W – Ruthless Predator sometimes wasn’t applying the proper number of Black Cleaver stacks
  • Rammus’s Q – Powerball self-knockup no longer overrides other knockup/knockback effects (ex. Poppy ult, Alistar Headbutt)
  • The Bandit mastery no longer grants gold when enemy pets (ex. Tibbers, Elise spiderlings) die
  • Urgot’s R – Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser no longer completes its swap if Urgot dies mid-channel
  • Oracle’s Extract can now properly be purchased while dead on Howling Abyss
  • Unmuting the Master Volume slider no longer causes individually muted sounds to play
  • Custom R – Feast sound effects for both Battlecast and Gentleman Cho’Gath have been restored
  • Increased the volume of Meowkai’s E – Sapling Catling Toss sound effects
  • Increased the volume on a few of PROJECT: Yi’s movement voiceover lines
  • Restored icy wind audio for Blackfrost Anivia’s Passive – Rebirth revive channel
  • Gravelord Azir no longer sometimes plays Azir’s base voiceover lines
  • Jhin’s Q – Dancing Grenade bounces no longer play Karma’s Q – Inner Flame audio when both are in the game. Thief.
  • Arcade Hecarim’s E – Devastating Charge rainbow trail and arrow effects have been restored
  • Pool Party Lulu’s W – Polymorph victims now properly identify themselves as Seals in chat, rather than Cupcakes

You’ll find the full list of updates on the patch 6.8 blog post by the developers. The blog post also teases a new skin, Infernal Diana, arriving with the patch. 


  1. A few cool things here but mostly me.

  2. Obssessed

    Fallout4 patches I need them all. Love that game.

  3. Bill Tomlin

    iceborn gauntlet for the win

  4. thanks for the list.

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