Battlerite: New Game from the Makers of Bloodline Champions

Two Swedish indie studios have teamed to create a new game called Battlerite. The small town of Skövde (just east of Gothenburg) hosts the dynamic duo, Stunock Studios and Coffee Stain Studios, who have created a new major MOBA project called, Battlerite. Stunlock Studio are well known developers in the MOBA game. They started out in 2010 working on Bloodline Champions, and after that, Dead Island: Epidemic. Epidemic is a MOBA take on the franchise that was then cancelled when in beta. Many users stopped playing the game in beta due to many paid add-ons.

Coffee Stain Studios, makers of Sanctum and Goat Simulator, provided the financial banking for the game. As co-investors, they are the money men rather than the developers. Stunlock is still leading development of the game, so it is not certain rather there will be some new goats! Battlerite appears to be closer to a Bloodline Champions type scenario than anything resembling Goat Simulator.

Coffee Stain Studios and Stunlock Studios were founded in 2010 as the results of student projects through a local college in Skövde. Early successes enabled them to grow into independent game studios. Goat Simulator was wildly successful, selling more than 7 million copies so far. Now Coffee Stain studios is lending money to Stunlock to see their dream project come to fruition.

Battlerite will be shown to press at GDC next week in San Francisco. The details are heavily guarded, but so far it is being described as the “spiritual successor” to Bloodline Champions. Stunlock has revealed that the game will include a system for crowd interaction directly built into the game.


Battlerite has released a new teaser on YouTube. It describes its game like this:

“Battlerite introduces a wild mix of champions with deadly synergized abilities. Become the master of the spear as Shifu, or choose Freya if you favor close combat with her titanic hammers. Learn to control the twitchy mobility of Croak, or unleash your destructive inner demon with Ashka. No two champions are the same in the steadily increasing and diverse roster of Battlerite.”

The game is called “a new chapter in Bloodline Champions.” In the teaser, the crisp graphics and stellar music show warriors rising to the arena. The game announces a “Team Arena Brawler” where “Champions Are Made” and “Every Move Matters.”

So we can assume this is a team-oriented all-out game that demands a high degree of skill from players. The time appears to be right for an all-out brawler, and many gamers have fond memories of playing BLC. It was popular because it was team-based and it included lots of fighting to the death in a fairly small arena. Battlerite seems like the natural successor to BLC.


  1. It sounds okay.

  2. I just watched the preview! THIS LOOKS AWESOME.

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