Halo 5 Memories of Reach DLC Update

It’s been a awhile since we had a solid Halo 5 update, but that’s not the case anymore! The Halo 5 Memories of Reach free DLC arrives this month, and we want to share everything you can expect when the new update hits your game. Developer 343 Industries has elected to share what’s in the update, sharing a post of details on Haloway Waypoint.

First thing we need to note is that there will be new search preferences added to Halo 5, changing matchmaking across Arena and Warzone. You’ll soon be able to go from the default, Balanced, to Expanded and Focused. Expanded means you’ll be able to find the first match that matches your skills and network connection strength, while Focused lets you find the best match based on connection and skills.

Halo 5 Memories of Reach also reworks the Post Game Carnage Report display, adding new things. You’ll be able to see every reward you earned, and “up to three rare and legendary medals.” Further displayed on the Post Game Carnage Report display will be every medal earned in the match along with its quantity, rarity and description, tools the destructions, kill numbers (most and by). You’ll also be able to use LB/RB to view Commendations and Progress, or LT/RT to view recaps of other players from your match.

If you’re wondering if the bug for moving in multiplayer has been fixed 343 says it has! Spartan Charge wasn’t correctly targeting enemies, and now the bug has been fixed. More goodies are also coming along, such as Noble Team armor, a new area map known as Stasis and zombie mode, Infected, is coming as well.


The armor is as follows: Indomitable, Wrath, Intruder, and Vigilant. Finally, there’s another update coming later this month, as 343 reveals:

“May 10 through Friday, May 20: Team Arena will be updated with new map layouts (as well as a few new map / game type combinations) that are being considered for HCS Pro League Summer Season. This is a preview / feedback period during which we will collect feedback from pro players (one component of which will be working directly with the six HCS Pro League teams that will have qualified at this point) and iterating on the maps in real-time.”

In Infected, you can get medals for staying alive, killing zombies, and infecting survivors. For the zombie afficiando, it looks like a totally fun game mode that we can’t wait for, and is hotly-anticipated. 

The company also revealed some concept art as a teaser for the new Stasis map. Memories of Reach for Halo 5 will be available tomorrow, May 12 for Xbox. The Xbox edition comes with a special bonus too, if you launch Halo 5: Guardians are the release, you’ll get  free one-time pack with some of the Reqs from Memories of Reach to be used immediately.

And even more bonuses await:

An additional “Memories of Reach REQ Pack” promotional offer will be available for 120,000 REQ Points or $14.99 USD. Available for a limited time, the “Memories of Reach REQ Pack” unlocks three new permanent REQs, if available, selected from 12 new REQs launched with Memories of Reach. These include helmets and armor worn by Kat, Jun, Jorge and Emile, the most recognizable members of Noble Team, “Jorge’s Chaingun” weapon cert, Brute Plasma Rifle weapon cert, Helios Phaeton vehicle cert, and “Jorge’s Chaingun” stance. Each pack will also contain 12 ultra-rare or legendary single-use REQs.



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