Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Season Trailer: New Maps And Rewards

Unreal Tournament is a positively acclaimed game made on the unreal engine and it is in its pre-alpha stage. A trailer for the promotion of the pre-alpha of the game came and it seems something new has come up.

The descriptions on the unreal tournament website show that there is a new rewards system which is only available for players participating in the pre-alpha stage of the game and it is only a limited edition rewards feature. The rewards are divided into progression rewards, challenge rewards and training rewards with different things for customizations and characters in each category.

Three new maps are also featuring in the unreal tournament this time around with the old Facing Worlds map returning which has been termed as the most equal and balanced map yet for the unreal tournament. 2 other maps which are Outpost 23 and Titan Pass are also making their debuts.

You can download the pre-alpha version of the game from here.


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