Battleborn Open Beta Now Available!

The Battleborn Open Beta week is here! At least for PlayStation 4 players, that is. They’ll get first crack at the Beta. PC and Xbox One users will get the Beta on April 13 at 10 am PST and 5 pm PST, respectively. For the PS4 Beta Players, the Beta will come with DLC Pack 1 and the 26th character, Alani, upon the game’s release. The hero Toby, a mech-driving penguin, is also available during the Open Beta. The Batleborn Open Beta will end April 18, and will give players the taste of the race to save the last star in the galaxy.

The Open Beta has players start with 7 unlocked heroes, with the possibility to unlock more heroes as they progress through the game; 25 heroes in all are available, and each has their own power, personality and play style, which keeps the game exciting. Post-launch, 5 additional heroes are promised for free. You can play solo while in Story Mode or join the 5-player co-op in two Battleborn episodes: The Algorithm and Void’s Edge. Two multiplayer competitive modes are also available: Incursion and Meltdown.

Battleborn Episodes

The Algorithm is where your mission is to debug and unlock a rogue AI, Magnus, and it’s in the lair of the Spider King, while Void’s Edge is on the ice planet, Bliss, and it’s cold. You’ll need to fight through the armies after a Varelsi portal opens up so you can deliver the payload.

Battleborn Character Types

In Incursion Mode, you’re in the middle of war-zone, taking down Sentries while defending and offending yourself as you try to destroy them. It’s your job to get your minions to their Sentry bots, but there’s a wave of another team also going after the same goal. Here you’ll be able to purchase Super Minions to do your bidding and they’ll be able to sustain more damage.


While Battleborn has promised reams of free content, they’re also going to have add-on packs. Each pack will be $4.99, and will be packed with one new Story and more hero skins and taunts. They will be playable in solo mode or cooperatively online.

If you want to participate in the Xbox One or PC Open Beta for Battleborn, begin your pre-load now from Steam and the Microsoft Store. It will be available worldwide. The PlayStation 4 players who participate in the new Battleborn Open Beta and who purchase the Season Pass will receive a complimentary hero unlock key, letting them unlock any of the 25 heroes in the game. The Season Pass is $19.99, while the Battleborn Digital Deluxe Edition is $74.99 and includes the Season Pass, bonus customizations, and the base game, for a savings of $10.00 when compared to buying the game and packs individually.





  1. Pretty excited about this!

  2. So, what, it’s like a bunch of mechanical bugs?

  3. I appreciate that they’re giving so much free content, and it might take make me pull the trigger on the DE.

  4. Goldman01

    Okay never played this, but watched a few vids, and now can’t wait!

  5. YES

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