Xbox Will Release Nearly 1 Million Gamertags

Gamertags are some of the best parts of being a gamer, because they let you craft your online identity. When you’re online gaming in a Xbox One or 360 game, you aren’t Michael Jones, you’re warmaster116 or cheese or whatever you want, depending on the availibility of gamertags.

If there’s a gamertag you’ve wanted to use in Xbox but haven’t been able to get your hands on it, now might be your time. Microsoft and Xbox have announced that they were be releasing a large amount of previously-unavailable gamertags. The number, nearly one million gamertags in all, will let everyone have a new chosen identity if they so choose to do so. Gamertags are a way to customize your gaming experience and give yourself an identity online as you socialize with other gamers, so that’s this is exciting. In fact, Xbox is the only console to-date that lets gamers easily change their own gamertags, and so this unprecedented has been hotly anticipated.

Beginning on Wednesday, May 18 at 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time, Xbox will begin the process of releasing the nearly 1 million gamertags.


Requirements for the newly-released gamertags mean your Xbox Live subscription must be current, and you must have at least 1 year of accumulation of Xbox Live Gold.  

Xbox will roll out the gamertags over a period of 24 hours, so as to allow all players throughout the world ample time to get their desired gamertag.

The gamertags have arrived from a previous incarnation of the Xbox console, and this is the first time the gamertags have migrated from the 2011 release of Xbox, having never migrated to Xbox 360 consoles. Xbox promises that there are plenty of gamertags to go around for everyone, and has released an initial list of categories for the upcoming gamertags. You can expect to get gamertags in the following:

  • Proper Names
  • Pop Culture Phrases and References
  • Food and Drink
  • Geography
  • Travel
  • Math
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Animals
  • Inventions

You can access the new gamertags by visiting, or going to the Xbox app on your Windows 10 system or Xbox One console. The 360 customers wishing to access the gamertags will need to visit, the Windows 10 Xbox App or an Xbox One console to receive the gamertags. Xbox 360 users will not be able to access the gamertags on a 360 console. The website to change gamertags online is as follows:

If you’re wondering if you’re eligible for the gamertag as as far Xbox Gold tenure, please visit your Profile on your Windows App Xbox app or Xbox One console. The changing of your gamertag won’t alter any of your current achievements, scores, or friends list; it’s only a way to differentiate yourself online.



  1. Oh man this is so exciting

  2. I can geek out on this for hours. as any proper gamer would.

  3. math tags are teh best for us nerds

  4. First time to Xbox 360. Awesome.

  5. Wilkins Sir

    I have like 10 names from Game of Thrones I want. Fingers crossed!

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