Quantum Break Updates and Fixes Not Ready Yet

Is there an end in sight to the highly-publicized Quantum Break bugs and crashes? Perhaps, but perhaps not. 

Quantum Break was heralded as a big gaming event of 2016, but just a few weeks after the game’s release, PC gamers have been plagued with the game’s problems. Issues have ranged from extremely low framerate to not being able to quit the game from the menu. Now Quantum Break developers say they need Microsoft to update Windows 10 before they can address the memory management issue plaguing the game.


All of these issues are a shame, because Quantum Break is actually a good game in the eyes of the community. Lauded for its involved storytelling and beautifully-rendered environment, the game can be fun to play when it actually works.  One fix for the game-quitting issue has been found, however. You can move your mouse to the top-right hand corner of the screen and wait for the X to appear. It’s a hassle, but it’s at least one fix for a troublesome Quantum Break bug. Another bug is the Light Flare/Blinking Lights, which Remedy, developers, say can be fixed by exiting and re-launching the game. To improve image quality overall, Remedy says they’re going to make it possible to tweak image settings such as removing film grain to give gamers more control over the graphic performance of their game. If film grain is poor, Remedy says to make sure that you have “Game Mode” selected for your monitor or TV.

The frame rate stuttering issue is due to a “major rounding error” Remedy says it made, and they report they’re working on a title update with a solution in the near future. They also say that the game may slow down after long playing sessions, so gamers should take care that they aren’t marathoning the game without stopping. Restarting the game may help. They do, however, say the problem is still very rare.

Remedy is working with NVDIA and AMD closely to “improve gameplay experience,” but relief could still be a long way off. For now, the company recommends for  AMD Radeon GPUs, AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1, and for NVIDIA GPUs, 362.00 from NVIDIA. As for the framerate lock, Microsoft will have somewhat of a fix in May. They’ll be enabling the ability for developers to disable v-sync and adding support for G-Sync and Freesync monitors.

Some users are having issues with their downloading Quantum Break from the Windows Store. These problems are mainly to do with the progress bar and how it’s rendered. Microsoft promises the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update arriving this summer will address this and other large file games.

Users who were questioning as to whether there were ambient subtitles in the game should know that the developers chose to not include them, saying, “we decided to not include subtitles for ambient sound (e.g.– in-game radio broadcasts) to ensure those subtitles did not conflict or overlap with the subtitles for actual character dialogue.”

Finally, any issues with Cloud save with Windows 10 Quantum Break should be resolved by applying the March update, version 10586.164, 64-bit. You’ll need to make sure you’re using the latest version of Windows 10. For Xbox One users, Remedy is working hard to resolve the issue and advise you to please quit Quantum Break before turning off the console. 


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