Starting Monday Microsoft Will Reveal 5 Xbox One Bundles

Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson tweeted and pretty much announced that starting from Monday (the 28th of September), Microsoft will unveil 5 new Xbox One bundles (1 each day, for 5 days).

Xbox One Bundles


These bundles are targeted at consumers looking to buy gifts and goodies for the coming holiday season. Its a bit early, but a great marketing strategy from Microsoft. We already know about an upcoming Halo bundle (when the game releases) and there are also a couple of bundles already being sold (Forza and Gears of War).

On of the expected bundles coming is probably the Tomb Raider bundle, the other one and also an exclusive is Fable Legends. Other bundles might be some major franchises like a Fallout bundle, Just Cause bundle or perhaps an Assassin’s Creed bundle.

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