What’s the latest on Nintendo NX?

What’s happening with the Nintendo NX? The latest details have been supposedly leaked and they’re quite exciting. Nintendo NX is the newest Nintendo gaming system, or the code name for it anyhow. March 2015 is when Nintendo announced their partnership with DeNA, a Japanese mobile developer, and then also announced their intent to make a “dedicated games platform with a brand new concept.” Nintendo has nicknamed their new system NX, and the rumors are flying fast and furious about this new console.

Here’s the latest news and speculation:

Fan art of what the Nintendo NX could look like


  1. We could hear something new about the Nintendo NX at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. This annual event is typically in June, and is a venue for big announcements.
  2. Four Wii U games could possibly be ported to Nintendo NX: Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Maker and Splatoon (source)
  3. Nintendo NX will be way more powerful than the PS4 for CPU, GPU and Memory
  4. Nintendo has SDK kits for developers
  5. NX will first and foremost be a “home console” but will have features that let it be mobile and play games outside the home
  6. Nintendo NX may have 4K video streaming, 900p / 60fps gaming and hybrid hardware
  7. AMD is going to produce the NX’s x86 architecture
  8. The Nintendo NX controller may have a screen the length of the controller
  9. Beyond Good and Evil 2 may have a release for the NX, as may Metroid
  10. NX may be released in fall 2016 in time for the holiday
  11. Some retailers are already offering pre-orders for the console
  12. Luigi’s Mansion 3 may be available for the NX
  13. An “Achievement” Sharing and Recording Patent was registered by Nintendo in August 2015 (source). The patent details describe the purpose as “According to one aspect of the technique, there is provided an information sharing system, including: an executing unit that executes an application program according to operations of one of a plurality of users; a recording unit that records replay data for replicating an execution process of the application program; a generating unit that generates shared information associated with the application program based on operations of the one of the plurality of users; and a sharing unit that shares the generated shared information and the recorded replay data with the plurality of users.”

Beside Nintendo’s NX console, the PS4 4K and Xbox One launch information is imminent as well, says a GameStop executive who believes Microsoft and PlayStation will make the announcements of their respective consoles soon. A new God of War title is rumored to be part of the PS4 4K launch. Microsoft might also launch two Xbox consoles, with one being a slimmer Xbox One console. Whatever news the companies will announce for new game titles and new game consoles, it’s likely to come at E3. The GameStop discussion was part of an investor briefing this past week in Texas. The Brazilian FCC has also pointed towards Xbox One coming out with a new slimmer edition, and a leaked image of the new hardware also lets us see what could be coming.


  1. Yeah but I want the release date and none has it!



  3. Flynn-the-Man

    I’m more into the new PS4. 4k man.

  4. SmackThatControllerUp

    Nintendo NX is going to be the best but what happens if they lag in releasing it. We’re gonna want the newest from Sony. It always happens. Gotta get in the game faster!

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