Metal Gear Solid V on PC – 28gb Download Even If You Buy The Disc

Metal Gear Solid V on PC was initially scheduled to be released on 15th September . The date was changed to the 1st of September, as the following tweet says:

PC gamers learned that even if you buy Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on disc, you will still have to download the entire game. The reason? The disc only contains a mere 8.7mb of data which is a Steam installer.

Considering that the game itself is 28GB and has no preload option, this makes the PC version feel a little more a rushed afterthought than a day one priority. The full game will require a 28gb download and there is no preload option. This looks like that the PC version was not a priority. The download will be available on release day, however, the consoles have had the luxury of preloading the game.

Another Konami situation was the visual fidelity on PES 2016, the PC version had a lower visual fidelity than the PS4 and Xbox ONE counterparts.

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