Microsoft To Reveal Exciting News About Windows 10 Devices

Windows 10, The most advanced operating system ever, which was released on 29th of July all over the world. Plus, Microsoft made it clear that it will be free for all devices for exact one year. It’s been only a couple of months and the OS has proved to be the best. Windows 10 has already been installed on over 200 million devices. Microsoft said that, they will achieve a goal of over 1000 million copies by the end of 2016.

Today, Microsoft said they will be revealing some exciting news about Windows 10 devices on 6th October at Microsoft Conference.


There are rumors of course of Microsoft Hololens. An Augmented Reality Headset which was announced by Microsoft, last year. Pricing and the official release date has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft but let’s hope that they announce it now in this conference.

Surface Tablet

Microsoft is expected to announce a new Surface Pro 4 tablet. The new tablet would obviously have a more powerful processor—most likely the new Intel  Skylake processors.

Windows Phone

Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android are the leading OS in mobile phones. There are less shares of Windows Phone in the mobile market if compared to these two. Office personals mostly use Windows phones because it helps them keep their work safe and editable in their phones too. Most likely, There will be a Windows 10 update for the mobile phone device.

Don’t miss the event. Watch it live Here or Tune in from your Xbox. The event will run live On Tuesday, October 6, at 10 A.M. ET.

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