LEGO Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes and Tips


Soon after we shared information and gameplay of LEGO’s Marvel’s Avengers, a treasure chest full of cheat codes has popped up! Here’s a few cheat codes you can use to take your game to the next level. Keep in mind that as you unlock characters, you’ll be looking for them alphabetically.

Note: These codes will only work for the console versions of the game.

Red Bricks

Red Bricks are used as rewards for helping The Collector when in Free Play. At the end of each successful quest, you’ll receive the Red Brick. A Red Brick is used to purchase a cheat from The Collector in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

How to Get to the Collector’s Room in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

The Collector’s Room where you buy cheats is in the third terminal. You’ll get there by getting on the S.H.I.E.LD. Helicarrier – find it by approaching a red platform in the city of Manhattan. Once on the Helicarrier, go to The Collector by using the hallway on the left, then going to the portal room (first door on the right). The portal will send you to the Collector’s Room.

Stan Lee in Peril

Stan Lee and his variants are available as a playable character, and you’ll unlock them by rescuing Stan Lee in the Stan Lee in Peril missions. These savings will be in Story Mode.


There are 15 Red Bricks in the LEGO Marvel Avenger’s game, one for each level. Once you get all of the Red Bricks, you get to unlock The Collector as a playable character!


You’ll find 150 minikits throughout LEGO Marvel’s The Avengers. There’s 10 per level. The cheat below will help point you towards the right direction of the minikkit.

Minikit Detector Red Brick  JYJAFX

Unlocking Characters with Cheats

You can unlock the following characters by entering in their corresponding cheat codes.

Beetle KXFQ87

Black Cat P9OWL0

Classic Captain America 7HWU4L

Carnage AA0Z50

Howard The Duck J58RSS

Hydra Soldier B7AA3K

Iron Man (Mark 17 version) 2NGSRZ

Iron Man (Mark 38 version)CK7SDS

Iron Patriot Q5X1J5


Future Foundation Spider-Man WFOZXQ

Classic Thor (Classic) H8CSE6

War Machine TQ4C57

Wolverine OAW2LB

A-Bomb 2K8QCG

Finesse WU9YBF

Firebird RABVV7

Mantis M562MB

Quasar N4YANB

Skaar  MFUPE7

Striker XP9QX9

Swordman R9CWTF

Thunderstrike JWRGP4

Veil A7BRT4

Tigra D4RREH

Amadeus Cho3ZDB2W

Bengal 8HG9HC

Butter Ball MJNFAJ

Count Nefaria ZNCK2S

Diamondback UNECSY

Unlocking Characters

Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Girl can be found at Barton’s Farm, and the mission you need to complete is to collect all five of her squirel friends. Just find them, and once you’ve found all five, you’ll lock Squirrel Girl.


So there’s no Deadpool in the LEGO Marvel Avengers game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with him! Here’s a great PC mod that will add the beloved character to your game. You’ll need TextMod to make it work and its only for the PC version.



  1. Great codes! Thanks for sharing! Sucks we can’t get Deadpool though

  2. Anyone getting the asgard white screen? I’m trying to get rid of it

  3. Collecting all the Stan Lees is a little lame. No cheat for all at once?!

  4. thnx for the dead pool mod tips!

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