Game Trainer Update: Rogue Stormers, Hitman, Sonic Adventure DX, Far Cry, and Fallout 4

It’s the week of April 28 and recently, some great new trainers have made their way on our radar. Here are a few of the new trainers you can expect and the features that they come with, as well as any other important information.

Rogue Stormers

A new trainer for the game Rogue Stormers has popped up on Cheat Happens. Rogue Stormers is a fantasy action game available on Steam. The game was developed by Black Forest Games, and this trainer is for Build 89+ 64bit STEAM. After activating the trainer options during gameplay, you can enjoy Infinite Health, Easy Kills, Add Coins, and Add XP. The trainer is only for Windows systems for Windows Vista through Windows 10, and is free.

Find and Download the Rogue Stormers Trainer at CheatHappens now



Love Hitman? A new trainer on is giving you a chance to change your gaming experience. This trainer works on version 1.04 of the game, and gives the following abilities: Immortality, Ammo, No Need to Overload, Super Hit, No Recoil, Super Jump, Invisibility, Speed Increase, Bullet Time, and Teleportation.

Find and Download the Hitman Trainer at GamePressure now

Sonic Adventure DX

GamePressure also has a new trainer for Sonic Adventure DX. The trainer works with version 20,140,415 of the game, and gives the following features: Hoops, Life and God Mode, with the trainer’s keys.

Find and Download the Sonic Adventure DX Trainer at GamePressure Now

Far Cry Primal

A new Far Cry Primal v.1.3.3 +18 trainer has arrived on GamePressure. This is a hot octane trainer that lets you have a number of great features. These include Immortality, Oxygen, Is Never Cold, Ammo/Arrows, Throwing Items, Slots on the Back of All Weapons, Skill Points, Experience, Invisbility, Alternate Time of Day, Increase Speed of game, Slow Time, Super Speed, Super Jump, Saves the Site, and Teleportation.

Find and Download the Far Cry Primal Trainer at GamePressure Now

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 fans, if you want a trainer for the popular game, you’re in luck. GamePressure has one for the 1.5.151. version of the game. The trainer offers you the following: Immortality, AP, Zero Radiation, Ammo, No Need to Overload, Items Not to Consume, Zero Weight, Super Hit, No Recoil, No Limit Hack, Change of Date Nights, Infinite Energy Armor, Perks Points Will Not Decrease, Minimum Requirements for Crafting, Easy to Open Locks, Stealth, Unlimited Size Buildings, Super Speed, Slow Time, and Super Jump.

Find and Download the Fallout 4 Trainer at GamePressure

Each of these trainers should come with an accompanying Read Me file explaining how to use them, but if you have any questions, please direct them to the respective websites where you download the website. 

We’ll continue to update the website with the best new trainers we find!




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    Good trainers here thanks.

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    Man I haven’t played a Sonic game in ever. I might download this and try it on Steam.

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