Tips For Balancing Studies and Video Games

I am a huge Video Games fan. I spend a lot of time playing games like Call Of Duty, Need For Speed and Minecraft. We all like to play games like these. We build cities in Minecraft where as we destroy them in Call Of Duty or we race among them in Need For Speed. These are the most played and top grossing games of this century. A new title or update releases almost every year and we go nuts to play these latest games. But, these games are time consuming and in the age of study they actually distract you from studying and paying attention towards school projects.

I came to know that many students are not doing well in their studies and their grades are consistently falling because of video games. I’ve also faced this. I got out and worked for days and months to came up with a solution which actually helped me. I’m sharing my experience with you and hope that it works for you too.

1. Stay Away From Games During Studies

In today’s world Gaming is very common. I bet everyone has a gaming console under their TV table and Steam or Origin installed on the Desktop. And if that is not enough, Clash of Clans or Candy Crush will easily distract you from your studies. That is why you’ll have to stay away from these during your study time. The best place to study is a public or school library. Gather a couple of friends, get a coffee and start studying.

2. Make It Hard To access games

When there is a console in the lounge or game applications installed in the Desktop computer, it is very easy for you to get pissed of learning the same boring lesson and start the game to make up your mood. To avoid this, you are gonna have to separate games from work computer. The best and easy way to do it is to make two different users. One for work and the other with games installed in it. It will be hard for you to sign-out and sign-in to your gaming user. And if this is not enough, set a wallpaper of your gaming user like “You Should Be Working”. It’ll remind you if you have any pending work left.

3. Increase The Difficulty Level in Games

This Gen games are very attractive and they have some kind of a magnetic force. Once you have started the game you’ll spend hours and hours of you time on it. To reduce this time, increase the difficulty level of the game and play it on the hardest level. You’ll get beaten up and when you’ll loose because of the difficulty, you will get pissed off and you will probably shut down the game.

4. Set Time-Limit

To give most of your time to studies, you will have to make a routine and set time-limit for video games. The best thing is to play only after you have finished your homework.

So, are you ready to take the challenge?  I suggest you do, because it will help you study more and achieve good grades.

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