Project Fi: Convenient Wireless Service


GOOGLE has been working on “Project Fi” for the past two and a half years. For those of you who do not know what Project Fi is, it is a wireless service provided and operated by Google, being available to users who own the Google’s Nexus phones and are residents of the United States. Projet Fi is a convenient service that allows the user to quickly switch between T-Mobile and Sprint (Cellular services); on top of that, you do not need to switch yourself, but instead this switching is kept incognito from you, and Google handles it for you. It is a fast and an easy service which sounds good and quite inexpensive for the service it offers; but it does have really mixed reviews from users.

Project Fi provides fast service with a lot of opportunities.

“That’s why today we’re introducing Project Fi, a program to explore this opportunity by introducing new ideas through a fast and easy wireless experience.”

Project Fi allows for smart choices, which it does automatically; switching between services that are the fastest for the user, providing a satisfactory experience to the individuals. Although, this Google service is being made available to a limited individuals, the future of it, is unknown as to whether it will be available on a much larger scale. People at Google have been quite uncertain about carrying the idea forward, but here they are now, with answers for the service. Laura Holmes, who has been a major contributor for the service itself, has declined to state how the service works, but has said that it gathers a variety of information about your connectivity, and finds the best connection for you.

Project Fi is currently available to individuals who apply for an invitation. The services are currently offered on Google’s phone Nexus 6 only and will not be offered on other smartphones for the time this Early Access program lasts.

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