Microsoft Is Finishing XBox Live Indie Games

Microsoft have announced that they will be finishing the well renowned Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) program.

Microsoft will no longer be taking any new memberships or renewals and that the XBLIG program will slowly and gradually be taken out on September 9, 2016.

Chris Carla, head of the [email protected] said,

XBLIG is where many great developers got their start, and “diversity” doesn’t even begin to describe the incredible variety of games that creators made on XBLIG. So seeing the end come into view is definitely bittersweet.”

[email protected] program is being considered as the successor of XBLIG program that allow developers to create games on more versatile game engines like Unreal Engine.

What Is XBLIG?

Xbox Live Indie Games or XBLIG is a program which allowed to create games for Xbox using a specific game engine and play it on their Xboxes. The reach of the game would not be public until a creators only group would test the game and then it would be released on the Marketplace.

Microsoft’s Appreciation

Microsoft is still going to continue to support in-development games till September 9, 2016, which is the date when XBLIG is going to be phased out. Microsoft will also payout the earnings of the developers after September 9, 2016.

Verified subscription holders will get a ”free lifetime” Windows Developer Account as a token of appreciation.

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