Futurama: Game of Drones: Gameplay, Combos and More

Futurama lives! Again. The popular animated show has popped up with a new iOS and Android game, Futurama: Game of Drones and is already being called one of the better Match-3 type of games out there. The gameplay is similiar to Candy Crush, which is an interesting departure after other animated shows gone the base-building route. You’ll see the same characters you love or hate on the show, with familiar faces like Zapp Brannigan (who is used as a booster), and also elements like Slurm, and more. The game appears to be a labor of love for the developers, who have added in a storyline that sets it apart from most Android and iOS mobile games for properties today.


Playing Futurama: Game of Drones: Mechanics and Gameplay

The entirety and storyline of the new Futurama game is to fill orders and make deliveries by matching drones, similar to the candy order levels of Candy Crush. Like other Match-3 type of games, you can create combinations for different effects. Note that this game is actually a Match-4. Each time you match four, you create special powerups. There will be obstacles in some levels, which just like other Match-3 games, can make the play frustrating yet addictive.

If you’re a devotee of Match-3 or Match-4 games, you’ll pick up the mechanics of the game quick. Some levels will require you to clear out toxic waste (aka jelly in Candy Soda Saga) while others are simply bring-the-ingredient to the bottom levels, or require you to match a certain amount of drones. You can have companions who have special abilities and you’re advised to use them wisely, so you don’t waste your efforts at the wrong time.  You are faced with ads but have the ability to skip them, so you can keep on playing. Your storyline develops over time, with the characters voicing a bit about the game and your progress, which rabid fans of the TV show will likely love.


Tips and Tricks for Futurama: Game of Drones

Here are the various combinations you may make in the mobile game. Keep your eye on these potential combinations so you can move through levels quicker, clear the board, and score higher.

  • Line drone + bomb drone = Three line drone (clears three lines at once)
  • Line drone + line drone = Star line drone clearer (clears lines in the shape of a star)
  • Bomb drone + bomb drone = Large bomb
  • Prism drone + line drone = Swaps out the drones with the prism color with line drone
  • Prism drone + bomb drone = Swaps out the drones with the prism color with bombs
  • Prism drone + prism drone = Clears entire board

As each level has its own goal, be sure that you read the level’s goal carefully, and don’t go blindly playing like you’re in the level before it. Study the objectives so you can move through the game quicker.

The game had a soft launch in December 2015, and if you love Futarama and/or Match-3 type games, you’ll like it. Futurama: Game of Drones is free, and has in-game purchase options.



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