New Mods for Skyrim, Fallout 4 and More for May

If you want a new way to improve your game experience, then game mods are the way to go. There have been some great new mods released for several popular titles and we want to spotlight them here. Check out these if you want to add something new to your game! All of these mods come from NexusMods and have been scanned by that website to the best of their ability. Each download comes with their respective instructions and all questions should be directed to their respective creators.

Let’s look at some game mods for Skyrim, Fallout 4, and other hot titles.


Aim True Archery Mod with Clicking Bows (Skyrim)

If you’re frustrated with the aiming of your arrows, this Skyrim mod makes it easier to shoot arrows. The arrows will now hit more close to the cursor, and the mod also adds Clicker Bows, where you just need to click once to set, and once to shoot. No more pointless clicking and clicking. 

Download it here

Expanded Weaponry (Oblivion Nexus)

Sometimes the weaponry in the games just isn’t interesting. If you’re interesting in expanding your weaponry in the game Oblivion Nexus, this new game mod adds all kinds of new options.  You can enjoy and access new types of weapons, including spears, Akaviri swords, halberds, cutlasses, and war staves.

Download it here

Weightless Bodies and Objects (Fallout 4)

Tired of having things in your way? This Fallout 4 game mod lets you pick up everything as if it weighed as much as a piece of paper, then you can toss it aside. The mod works with every formerly heavy object, though the developer doesn’t advise you to pick up cars! Of course, people who are trying this mod are picking up cars.

Download it here

Settlement Attacks Beyond (Fallout 4)

Another Fallout 4 mod, this tweak lets you move the spawn locations of some settlements beyond their boundary, meaning you can stop them from spawning inside of your walled settlement. The mod is still a work-in-progress, so you can report to the developer, scary666scream, if they miss any spawning points. The spawning can really drag down the game, so you’ll be able to play without having to deal with them as much.

Download it here

Jammas of Kadan for all races (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

A nice aesthetic mod, this features Skyhold retextures for all races that feature the dragon’s tooth from the Iron Bull Romance. There’s multiple outfit retextures, and this will add a new look to your game of Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s a great universal game mod. 

Download it here

We hope you enjoy these great new game mods. Each mod’s download link is where you’ll find more descriptions, plus images, and warnings about incompatiblity with other mods.  The mod tag on GameTrone has plenty of links to other mods, so you can expand enjoyment of your game immensely. 

Want us to share more mods? Let us know in the comments. You can expect to see more mods in the future, as soon as we find some worth sharing.


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  2. Jammas of Kadan and Settlment Attacks are fun good practice

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  4. Skyrim rules!

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