PS4 Universal Remote By PDP

Who doesn’t want to sit hassle free? Who wants to keep ejecting and scanning his disc and devices again? Who doesn’t want a single remote that can control everything from your PS4 to you TV.

Well, there’s a new Universal Remote for the PS4 in town and it pretty much is convenient in solving all of our hassles regarding the PS4 and some other devices.

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This remote is the officially licensed remote for the PS4 by Sony. The remote allows you to control upto 4 devices at a time that being the PS4, Set Top box, Audio receiver and yours truly TV. The remote even features Home screen and Power buttons making it easier for you to keep sitting on that couch of yours. The remote works through the continuous Bluetooth connection.

The PDP Universal Remote for PS4 is going to cost you $29.99 on Amazon and that is pretty much acceptable taking for the feasibility it offers.

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