Destiny Sparrow Racing League

PlayStation Experience 2015 ended a few hours from now and during the event, it was announced that Destiny: The Taken King will now receive a Sparrow Racing League for a limited time only for this month. The mode is not yet live but the guardians will be able to play it from 8th December onward.

Sparrow Racing League will be live only for 3 weeks and there will only be two maps to get hands on to. Infinite Descent and Campus Martius will be the two race tracks.

“This is a way to test the waters and see if people think this is fun, Most definitely, we could expand on it in the future. We haven’t decided on if or when it will come back. We’ll see what happens.”- Bungie senior PvP designer Derek Carroll

Other platform users are not to worry as this event won’t be available for just PlayStation 4 but to whoever owns Destiny: The Taken King. Guardians will now get to enjoy something a little different from FPS as long as they are happy to download heavy patches and updates of the game.


  1. kewl

    gonna join

  2. Glad to see if it’s for all owners of the game!

  3. This should be a monthly thing, the last one was so fun.

  4. Noon_to_Nine

    too bad my account is shut down :/

  5. Would appreciate it for a diff. game.

  6. Just bought this game so good timing.

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