Cheating Could Get You Banned in Blizzard’s New Overwatch

Tempted to cheat at Overwatch, Blizzard’s new game property, when the game releases? Think again. Blizzard has already announced that they’re offering a zero-tolerance policy on cheaters. The upcoming shooter game has attracted a ton of attention and features a large media push, so it’s understandable that gamers may be tempted to cheat at the game, but the developer isn’t having it. In a forum forst, they said “Play nice, play fair” is the value they seek over at Blizzard for their gamers, and that they will enact stiff policies for any cheaters found. That policy includes perma-bans.


Cheaters refers to any sort of software that provides an unfair advantage and is unapproved by the developers. In the past, these cheats have included bots, hacks, and third-party developed software to accomplish the unfair gains. Blizzard is against these practices completely and finds that they “undermine the spirit of play.” Blizzard will be monitoring the game closely when it launches to determine whether players are compromising the integrity of Overwatch and cheating. Suspected hacks are to be reported to [email protected], but that’s not all that’s been put in place to watch the game for cheating.

The game developer has announced that Overwatch will feature in-game reporting systems designed to alert Blizzard to any suspicious behavior observed by other players. They also said that they already located players who were in the beta and who were discovered to be cheating, and thus, were removed from the game.

At the game’s launch, players will have access to the report option in the game client. The option can be accessed through right clicking and then “Report.” There are just a few things to note about spotting potential cheaters in Overwatch. The developers note that the game’s camera doesn’t always match the speed or quality of the real-time gameplay, so gamers may think that a player’s aim is more fast or less fluid than it was in game, when viewed in playback. There were bugs in the in-game camera system that related to this, and thus, it may seem like players are cheating when they aren’t. Finally, Blizzard says that some players have years upon years of first-person shooting experience and may seem like they’re cheating, when they’re just really good at the game.

As we wait for Overwatch to arrive, this is all good information to keep in mind. The beta has been a huge successful, attracting  over 9.7 million players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 190 countries. Over 37 million matches were also conducted, with over 9 million payloads delivered. The game will be launched on May 24 and is available for $39.99 in pre-purchase for the minimum game. The Origins pack is $59.99 and includes Tracer Hero, Baby Winston Pet, Overwatch Card Back, plus 5 Origin skins. Finally, the Collector’s Edition is available in stores only, and has everything the Origins pack has, as well as a visual sourcebook, and soundtrack.




  1. I’m glad theyre doing this. Good for them.

  2. screw overwatch! this is bogus. cheats are part of gaming life.

  3. Schroeder

    Good because these people ruin the game experience for everyone!

  4. So they want people to report on othes in game? It’s like a spy. Not sure i’m liking the sound of that.

  5. They have valid reasons for this. Good summary by this article.

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