Disney Magical Dice Tips and Tricks

Disney Magical Dice launched earlier this spring for Apple and Android stores, and if you want to figure out how to increase your chances at winning the game, here’s how. Disney Magical Dice is similar to Monopoly, where you buy properties and receive proceeds when other players land on your land. However, unlike Monopoly, there are several ways you can win, and we’ll go over those first.


How to Win at Disney Magical Dice

Triple Completion – You win this way when you own three sets of color groups.

Line Completion – Owning all of the squares on one side of the board is a line completion, and you’ll receive a bonus for accomplishing this.

Magic Square Completion – Certain squares are designated as “magic” squares on the board, and you can win by collecting all of them.

To win faster, see if you can collect the squares that have two slots, not three. These will be Tree House/Acorn, Pluto’s House/Dog Park, Pete’s Diner/Pete’s Garage, Daisy’s House/Flower Shop, Bow-Tique/Minnie’s House, and Movie Theater/Mickey’s House.

Once you get one of the two squares for a color group, try to build it up as soon as possible, to make it harder for your opponents to steal from you.

Town Festival

When playing Disney Magical Dice, you may receive the opportunity to throw a Parade or Festival (depending on which board you’re on). Choose the square that will have the highest service for your opponents, so you have a better chance of bankrupting thing or taking a great deal of their money. It will be harder for them to steal the square or buy new ones.

X2 Squares

Throughout the board will be random squares with “X2,” where you can get double the service fees. Try to nab these squares first so you can get double fees each time your opponent lands on them.

Check in Daily and Connect to Facebook

You can get a bonus for checking in daily, so be sure you do so. You don’t need to play the game each time you check in, but you will also get a chance to spin the bonus wheel (one spin per day), which can yield bonus hearts, gold, diamonds, and more. Connecting to Facebook will get you three premium card packs, plus diamonds.

Know Your Cards

The cards available to you include A, B, C, A+ and S cards. The higher the card, the better the stats it has. The top cards are A+ Stitch and A+ Buzz Lightyear so you should try to get these cards. You can purchase new cards by selling off lower-level cards and using the proceeds. You can get premium card packs as a reward for winning a game or checking in – these will yield higher value cards.

Upgrade Your Dice

There are nine pairs of dice in Disney Magical Dice and each pair has its own properties. The dice with Mickey’s head will have the best stats, and you should try to get it as soon as possible. You’ll start off with the most basic dice and you shouldn’t level up the basic dice, as it’s a waste of money. Instead, start earning your way towards the better dice.

Choose Your Best Strategy

From your first move on the board, you can figure out what’s the best strategy. Since your opponents can’t steal magic squares, if you only try to land on those, do so. Each time they land on your square, you’ll get paid. If you don’t land on a magic square on the first turn, don’t buy a square, because it will likely get stolen from you. You should wait and try to buy squares that have two to three buildings on them instead.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get multiple wins! Don’t forget to complete the daily and weekly missions to get more diamonds, coins, and cards. 





  1. this game is addicting. you should also power up ur items x 5

  2. Catarina

    I really want a S card!!

  3. this game is a monopoly ripoff

  4. Serenna V

    Is A+ Stitch really better than S card tho?

  5. once put the parade on a square and went to like x12

  6. I was way into this and then POKEMON GO HAPPENED.

  7. I keep hitting the A players and I am C in the random match thingie. That doesn’t seem fair.

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